About Us

Epicinfo is Outcome of Two Words; ‘epic’ and ‘info’
Epic Refers to “a Book of Poems or stories” and Info is Just “Information”
We have seen, Green Revolution, Yellow Revolution and others also.
EpicInfo is a Revolution in terms of Education.
And We are working on our mission to change the way students learn.


Have You Seen Small Children;

Oh My God,
Carrying a Backpack (Bag) that is even More Bulky then There Own Weight.

And Lets Checkout This

The Fact is Being Ignored and

it is causing children to have diseases related to backbone in very younger age.


Our India is Being Old in Younger Age.

And We’re not liking it in that way


epicinfo.in - About us

That is Why Reason We Exist Today

Thank You Being a Part of Our Revolution to Save Our and Our Next Generation

We are Not Here to Earn or Fill Our Pockets with Money and Profit.

We are Here to Find a Solution to this Problem, A Better, Effective and Sustain Future.


So, EpicInfo
is Not a Business, Not a Company
(For Now)



We are Team Looking Forward to Create a Platform,

A Digital and Caring Platform

for Students,

Which is and Will be Free and Full

Free:  Education and Study Material Will be always free.

Full:    We are Working on Make Available Every Knowledge possible in Simple and Useful Way.


Our Current Team 

  • Mr. Ankush (Founder, Digital Marketer & Chief Web Developer)
  • Miss. Jagriti Sharma (Co-Founder, Editor & Senior Tutor)
  • Mr. Noop Ram ( Head, Trainer Department Kullu)
  • Mr. Chaman Narved ( Senior Web Developer)
  • Mr. Mayan Guleria, ( Head, Trainer Department, Mandi)
  • Mr. Ayush Sharma ( Social Media Manager, Mandi)
  • Mr. Abhishek Gupta ( Web Developer, Mandi)